DevOps Essentials™

Chart your own path to success with this new and unique perspective of DevOps through the ”Full Stack” of culture, practices and automation. This is the most comprehensive and practical DevOps certification in the industry!

Validate your skills and knowledge and deliver more business value by improving the flow between IT Service Management, Operations and Software Development.

Who is this for?

This essentials level certification is designed for anyone in IT Service Management, Operations or Software Development seeking to understand how a DevOps approach and essential practices will help your organization deliver more business value.

Why get certified?

Validate your competence and marketability.

This certification has been designed to provide IT Professionals with the background knowledge and 15 very specific practices that are essential to delivering an effective DevOps environment.

It has been designed to help you understand what it means to deliver the “Full Stack” approach to achieve success and develop competencies in:

Obtaining your certification

Take a course from a training partner registered with Professional Designations and then order the exam voucher from your training partner.

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